Makron Academy: Your Future is Online

In the heart of a small town in West Texas, Makron Academy has opened its doors. More accurately, the Academy has unveiled its internet sites designed to provide subject matter seminars with immediate applicability to the workplace. Makron Academy was conceived as a response to the challenge issued by Jonathan Kozol in his book, Illiterate America. In his poignant narrative, Kosol identifies illiteracy as the biggest challenge facing our nation and affecting a good third of the American population and, almost, two-thirds of the Hispanic population.

Moreover, in a gargantuan and compellingly simple way, Robert Cleckler and Gary Sprunk, have developed a method, styled NuEnglish, through which they propose a potential phonetic English reading and writing strategy. “Internally consistent and sound, the approach lends itself to addressing the problem of illiteracy in a breathtakingly simple manner,” stated Makron Academy’s founder, Jaime O. Perez. He commented, “Thus, Makron Academy has positioned itself to tackle the single largest challenge facing the United States for the foreseeable future.”

Jaime O. Perez, an adult education and English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) instructor, is convinced that adapting the Cleckler/Sprunk approach is a key to addressing the illiteracy challenge posed by Kozol’s research.

The premise of Makron Academy’s institutional curriculum is that adapting NuEnglish, as a tool to transition those learning English, provides a way to address widespread illiteracy among Hispanics. There is no doubt the effort by Cleckler and Sprunk to address the problem of illiteracy took years to refine and Perez expects their approach will bear fruit far beyond their highest expectations.

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