Economic Policy

1. Federal Agencies – Reduce federal agency budgets not contemplated in the Constitution by 50 percent in FY 2013;
2. Bankruptcy – Expand bankruptcy laws to cover all indebtedness;
3. Federal Reserve – Eliminate the transfer of private debt to taxpayers through TARP, QE, Twist and Dollar Swap programs;
4. US Debt – Eliminate borrowing from Federal Reserve;
5. Public Infrastructure – Rebuild public infrastructure and eliminate policy of transferring public infrastructure to private sector;
6. Too Big To Fail Banks – Eliminate federal implicit and explicit default guarantees;
7. Federal Debt Limit – Cap federal debt limit to 120 percent of GDP;
8. Deficit Spending – Balance federal budget;
9. Currency – Control national currency in partnership with American owned banks;
10. Banks – Prohibit federal bank bailouts;
11. Energy – Eliminate federal auto company and auto loan guarantees;
12. Home Mortgages – Eliminate federal mortgage loan guarantees;
13. Education Loans – Eliminate federal student loan guarantees;
14. Competition – Lift federal restrictions on interstate commerce e.g. insurance providers;
15. Conflicts of Interest – Prohibit public service to those with conflicts of interest. Directors, stockholders or managerial employees of banking and financial institutions that hold federal government administrative and management positions often have conflicts of interest;
16. Dollar – Nationalize currency and control quantity of money at 50 percent of GDP.

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