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It has been my life-long goal to make sense of the dynamics of the world around me. Late in life, I am nearing a sense of comfort about sharing what I have learned so far.

One of the driving reasons for this web project beyond my own innate curiosity and enjoyment of economics and politics as fields of study is my desire to share such understanding with those I care about.

I hope my family and friends make use of this website as a resource. Along the way, I hope to include narratives and videos regarding my philosophical, personal, cultural and community background so that many things I was exposed to and deeply value are not lost to those that will live on after my time.

I am very thankful for learning at the feet of great teachers including my grandfather Don Miguel Guerrero Roman and my grandmother Dona Conchita Diaz de Guerrero from whom I learned about family structure and deep personal values; native elders, Don Alexandro and Don Pablo of the Huichol region of the Sierra Madre from whom I learned about community and community building; and James Gregor and Kenneth Waltz from whom I was privileged to learn how to think about thinking and the notion of structure as the locus of causal variables in social science.

I have also learned from many ‘differently functional’ people whose behavior challenged my patience and beliefs about how things “should” be or should have been. They provoked enough tears sufficient to force me to truly learn non-judgmental acceptance as a life strategy.

A resident of El Paso, Texas, I always enjoy meeting new people committed to learning and teaching as well as friendship and sharing. If you resonate or “grog” with these pages, please, don’t hesitate to call 915-219-1468 or email jaime@jaimeoperez.com.

It is doubtful you will find anything truly new here as so many great people before me have presented the information recorded here in much better ways than I have. I have added videos of some of these great teachers.

Nonetheless, collecting this particular information in this way may speak more clearly relative to who I am and what I believe about my heritage and value commitments. I hope you find the teachers whose videos I share here as compelling as I have.

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