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This Media Resource Library is introduced with an interview with J.A. Ayer, an influential modern philosopher. It is suggested you review these video resources in the order in which they are presented. This will provide you with a deep understanding of my own philosophical approach.

Prof. J.A. Ayer addresses the use of language to describe and make sense of the real world styled Logical Positivism which set a historical endpoint to metaphysical ponderings as expressed in classical philosophy. He is author of Language, Truth and Logic.

ALBERT A. BARTLETT – Explains the Exponential Function

Prof. Kenneth Waltz addresses how to think about the universe of international politics through structural theory. This approach seems to be the most useful in providing explanatory statements relative to the issue area through dynamic analysis over time.

Structural Theory

Kenneth Waltz – The Behavior of Nations is borne of the structure of the international arena

Prof. A. James Gregor addresses authoritarian regimes through structural analysis. Regretably, video of his work is scarce except for the italian version below styled “Il Fascismo”.

A. James Gregor – Authoritarianism. He is author of Two Faces of Janus and Marx: A Theory of History.

Prof. Davies addresses the question: What is Libertarianism?

Prof. Noam Chomsky addresses aspects of political philosophy including libertarianism.

One of the most divisive and injurious writer to the cause of peace is Samuel Huntington. His book “Clash of Civilizations” conceptual analysis is the basis for most contemporary arguments in support of US military interventionism across the globe.

Edward Said critiques Huntington’s racialist work.

Noam Chomsky comments on Clash of Civilizations

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