Vision Statement

Vision: A shared future in a self-sufficient country of proactive, independent, self-sustaining, creative and resourceful individuals

Mission: To create an environment of individual liberty dedicated to cultivating, preparing, preserving and encouraging prosperity and empowering human relationships.

Affective Goals:

Act with integrity
Keep connectedness to the greater whole e.g. each other, earth, animals and our bodies
Keep things simple
Honor common sense.
Honor personal, home and national boundaries
Honor individual creativity, contributions and initiative
Honor life-long education and self-improvement
Honor value-creating action
Honor sharing of work, affection through team work and individual effort
Honor nature by recognizing intelligence, beauty and perfection
Honor the spiritual life of our members and individuals
Honor knowledge and wisdom
Practice empathy and compassion
Promote integrity, vitality and well-being of home, community and country
Prosper individually and collectively
Speak with kindness, personal truth and integrity
Stay mindful of the impact our community decision will have on future generations
Strive for consensus and honor majority rule.

Action Focus

Start where you are with what you have
Believe in yourself and honor your values
Respect other individual’s right to believe differently
Always do the best you can
Embrace Liberty and Defend Sovereignty

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